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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Book Cover Extravaganza

Yeah, so that's all I've been doing for the last three or four days. I need to take a break and get some writing (or photo editing) done, but don't think it is gonna happen...

On to the cool new covers:

the 10-minute pr checklist by Mark Coker

Vector by me - based on an image by Gary Knight:

This is currently my favorite cover. Well, okay, this one and Devil's Mistress. (see farther down)


photo by me:

That photo was actually taken with my cell phone a couple years ago - it's the corner of my yard overlooking the field next door ;)

Rattlers by Paul Perron

original image from Christian Harberts | Dreamstime. com

I got to read this short story and it's good!

The Last Pahvant

rock image by Shari Weinsheimer from

sky image by me -

I also got to read some of this one - when I have more time I intend to read it all - it has a great beginning!

Exiles by Tom Parker

vectors by me - based on this image:

This one makes me think of the Just SO Stories book I had when I was a kid -


Photo by author - he also provided the photo for his last cover and it was equally cool. he must be a heck of a photographer!


IMAGES BY Geotrac | and Snake3D

I LOVE this one!!! It looks like a book you'd buy at Hy-Vee in the rack by the check out counter (yes, this is what I aspire to ;) )

Doctor's Delight

images by Andi Berger & Elena Rostunova | Dreamstime. com

half naked doctor. It's a winner in my book!!!


Photos by:

© Winterdove | Dreamstime. com
© Xalanx | Dreamstime. com
© Scott Griessel | Dreamstime. com

did lots of manipping - this is actually four pics (two were by the same guy). I thought it turned out good. The woman is obviously not standing there, but I dind't want her to be, hence the banner that goes behind her but in front of the rest of it.

there's 4 more waiting for approval, one I need to photograph for, three I need to draw, and two I am waiting on replies for to start - oh and one we are both waiting on a reply from an image owner... so yeah, not slowing down any ;)


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