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Friday, May 27, 2011

Even more book covers......

Yeah, guess what I've been doing? I mean, besides cowering from storms, sitting in the dark and rushing to ER with my brother! (He's okay now - he had another bizarre seizure. They say it was a totally different medication this time. I am dubious.) Anyway, I've been doing BOOK COVERS! And for your enjoyment, here are a bunch of them!

The James Charade

Photo © Benkrut |

For the Soul of the Rose

The rose is from dreamstime by Alexander Kopelev And the water is by me using an awesome plugin called Ripples Magic by Redfield (cost $20 but worth every penny!)

The Road not Taken: The Decision of Sally Hemings

image from wikimedia commons - copyright New York Times and now in public domain (wikimedia is a great place to find public domain images!)

Rising above the Wave

the author sent the image (he had two to choose from and this one was just so simple and eye catching I was like "yes!! This is it!)

red flat

smexy photo by IsabellSchatz at istock photos
I finally had to make my own blood splatter brushes. i just taped a bunch of card stock to the shower wall and threw spoonfulls of watered down black paint at it ;) I have made them into brushes bu I think I should post them as images so other people can use them, too.
I hope this author has more books coming. I like his taste in covers ;) heh-heh! (The book sounds good, too!)

The Cereal Killer

I took the photo with my brother the assistant. he actually had all those different types of cereal in his cupboard! Seriously! There were a couple others, too, but they were boring. Needless to say almost none of that was any good and got thrown away after the shoot!

Dear Crossing

A super manip - the axe, bird and house are all separate images by Hubert Woods Jr. , Pklimenko & Susan Law Cain @ It was fun, though.

Knight at her Service buy Charlene Newberg

Another manip (I love this one!) photos by Aaron Johnson | Dreamstime. com & Paul Hakimata | Dreamstime. com and, technically, there is a photo b me in there. Where? Check the reflections in the chrome parts of the motorcycle. The original image is on a highway in a deserty type area and since this is a residential that had to go (it stuck out really bad!) the house in the reflection is so distorted I didn't worry about property releases since there's no way you can tell where it is, but I will say it's from Hamburg, Iowa ;)

The absurd secret diary of an unborn baby

Some Jo artwork (this sounds like such a fun book!)

summer dance intensive guide book

Some more Jo art work (you might notice I used the depth of field to make the stuff farther away blurry. Yeah, snazzy, huh?)

I had no idea there were this many....

vs 1

Texture provided by Sienna62

baseball by © Patricia Hofmeester | Dreamstime. com

and last one...

Catawampus Tales by Bob Frey

cool artwork by me :)

There's actually more, but my dinner is done and I is hungry, so until next time - stay slinky!


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Cereal Killer, indeed :) Great work!

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