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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Book Covers

so, I haven;t tortured - erm - shared lately and thought I'd remedy that. No, I'm not going to post them all, just ten or so of the recent ones.


Cover images courtesy of Henri Sivonen, Elena Elisseeva, Jose AS Reyes, R. Gino Santa Maria & Shutterstock. com

Rantings of a Disturbed Mind

art by me ;)

Portal of the Stars

Image from NASA/Hubble

This Heart for Hire

image by Sad444 at dreamstime .com (He's kinda hot ;) )

The Comet

the author sent me the base image, but I added all those twinklies and such :)


art by me

The Interim by Patricia McLaine

art by me again

With his First Breath

hee-hee, me again. Funny story about this one. I sent the author a concept that neither of us liked and she commented back "You know, I like that image you have on your cover art website's wallpaper". and so here it is with a bit of rearranging so as not to be exact ;)

Eight Shillings

the author scanned most of those coins off, except for two which came from wiki commons. Scanning i handy for things like feathers or coins that you can;t get to photograph well ;) (I used it for a snake once, too!)

The Train Guards

base image by author, though I tweaked it quite a bit.

Tuesday's Child

handprints based on an image by Doeth Gwraig -

cabin image - Steveheap | Dreamstime. com

The Memory of Water

my photo
of note - he has since changed the title to Water's Memory because that one was already taken. I have been too lazy to reupload it to flickr, though.

FreeForm Humans

images from Frederick R. Matzen, Marema & Shutterstock. com

cello music

photo by Fotokostic @ shutterstock

okay, that's enough. to see the rest check my flickr album - - there's 289 in there total. Wow.


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