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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pet Peeve

I do book covers. I do cheap book covers. I mean dirt cheap. In fact, if possible I try to find free images to use to save the author money because I know how it is to be broke. So what's my pet peeve?

People who license their images as Creative Commons and then put nasty notes on the image or their profiles saying "Don't use my images for anything or post them on your pages!"

HELLO!! That's why Flickr allows you to set DIFFERENT licenses! If you don't want people to post them or use them, then label them ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. That option is there to the right side of the photo page. Ergh! It just burns me up. Especially since a lot of them get really snotty about it and act like the people who have used the image are in the wrong. Sorry, folks, but YOU applied that CC license, so you're the one at fault, not them. Bah!

Because I know that people like this are out there, I always check their profiles etc. before I'll use one of their photos, but seriously, how long does it take to correct the issue? Especially ones that have long lists of complaints from the photo's owner in the comments. I mean, wow, if it is SUCH a problem on that particular photo then take two seconds and change the license.

I used to ignore these, but I've started leaving comments recently that politely say, "perhaps if you changed your license from CC to All Rights Reserved it would help clear up confusion and people would stop using it?" Maybe they're just total, complete muffins and have no idea what the license is or that they can change it. Nah. I'm too annoyed to give the benefit of the doubt right now. Gimme an hour or two and I will, but right now I say we post their images in all our blogs under the heading "This is CC licensed - check the flickr page(s) for details!"



Elysa said...

I've just gotten into the world of indie publishing and the whole cover design issue completely flummoxed me. Joleene to the rescue. She did my latest cover and I think it's fabulous!

Joleene Naylor said...

@Elysa Thanks for the shout out, Elysa! Your covers were so fun to do! :D

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