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Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Not Dead....

It's been awhile since I posted in here. With the last book release a lot of things got brushed aside. The book release went pretty well. I've sold at least 120 copies in the first five weeks (waiting for the B&N numbers from Smashwords to get a final total) which for many authors is like handing them an M&M for dinner, but to me it;s one of those cheesecake platters. I think things are moving along. I always said there's no point in getting too excitable until you have at least three books in a series out because most series don't take off until the third or fourth book hits. I think it takes that many for a lot of readers to get really attached to the characters and/or plot.

Have a short story collection coming out as soon as my beta gets done with it ;) And I am 30+,000 words into Patrick. This was supposed to be a 40,000 word novella (as I am maybe half done, I am sure you can see the problem) I imagine some word trimming will happen, but it may end p closer to 60,000 than the 40,000 I'd planned. Oh well.

The Terrible Turtle Conspiracy web comic id back to being posted every week. I have decided to quit posting the pages here, however. if you want to read it then subscribe to it at You can have an rss or email subscription.

And of course I've been doing... book covers! however between writing and some family stuff I have cut back and am no longer taking new clients unless they are referrals. I am also not creating original artwork covers because they take too long to do.

But, here are some of the book covers I've done recently, just because I feel like showcasing them :)

Dog tagged
photo by photo from Wrangel & dreamstime - camo by me

the riddle of the secret chamber
photo from Jose Antonio Sánchez Reyes | Dreamstime

The sword and the pen
photos from photo by Les3photo8 & reddogs | Dreamstime

photo from author

photo from Serrnovik | Dreamstime

Mac Tire
Photos from Vectorportal (wolf head), Leopard1982, Scosens, dreamstime and Joleene Naylor (moon)

Fear Not the Flame That Burns for Love
photos from Darja Vorontsova, Nejron & dreamstime. Extra fire photos by me

And that's probably enough. how many book covers does one person wanna look at in the space of one blog?